Scuba Instruction


Neail Holland has been scuba diving since 1989. It wasn't until he came to California in 1991, that he became passionate about scuba diving. Over the years, he sought additional training while diving the California Channel Islands regularly. In 2005, he became a Divemaster and following became a Technical diver, diving a closed circuit rebreather and cave diving, which increased his knowledge and safety awareness. In 2007, Neail became a NAUI Instructor and started Rec2Tec Scuba Instruction. Within the next few years, he became an Instructor Trainer and then a Course Director.

Neail is a retired Police Sergeant from the Oxnard Police Department in California and was a member of the Oxnard Police and Fire Public Safety Dive Team since 2002. He started as a police diver and tender and eventually supervised the unit's operations, personnel, training, and equipment.

Along with scuba diving, Neail enjoy's travelling. His travels with fellow scuba divers has taken him through the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Neail has certifications in PADI, NAUI, DAN, SDI/TDI/ERDI, NACD, LGS, and NSS-CDS. He teaches recreational, technical, and public safety diving from entry level to instructor. He is also a contract instructor for the US Navy.

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